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Congregation News

As of the 18th day of Av 5774 (14 Aug 2014) we are now able to grant ordination (smicha) to qualified candidates.


Pastoral counseling is always available to anyone regardless of membership in the congregation.


Now offering constitutional homeopathy as an adjunct to pastoral counseling.


17th day of Tammuz 5780 (9 July 2020) we welcome Rabbi River Stephens as our new Chief Rabbi.


As of the 21st day of Tammuz 5781 (1 Jan 2021) the COVID vaccine has been deemed to be NOT kosher and congregants may not accept the vaccine.

Members of the congregation may request letters of religious exemption from the COVID vaccine. 

Your body is the temple of God

Your body is a temple

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

A steward must be found trust worthy

1 Corinthians 4:2

Anyone who destroys God's temple will be destroyed

1 Corinthians 3:17

Genetic alteration

The life is in the blood (DNA)

Leviticus 17:11

The sons of God took the daughters of man as their wives and had children with them (genetic alteration, altering the DNA)

Genesis 6:1-7

Noah was perfect in his generations (his DNA had not been adulterated)

Genesis 6:9

End times, the coming of the Son of man will be like the days of Noah

Mathew 24:37

Do not mix plants, fibers, animals (genetic alteration, altering the DNA)

Leviticus 19:19

Mark of the beast

The mark of the beast on their right hand and foreheads

Revelation 14:9

God will judge you if you take the mark of the beast

Revelation 14:10

Painful sores will come upon the people who took the mark of the beast

Revelation 16:2

But the chosen will have the mark of the Father on their foreheads

Revelation 14:1

Will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast

Revelation 13:17

Obey God

Better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in men

Psalms 118:8

We must obey God rather than man

Acts 5:29

Deception in the end times

There is a way that seems right to a man, but it's end is the way to death

Proverbs 14:12

Do not let yourself be deceived with fine sounding arguments

Colossians 2:4

Do not be conformed to this world

Romans 12:2

Come out of her my people lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues

Revelation 18:4

Other things recently deemed NOT kosher

GMO food


Genetic modification, including mRNA


Things containing or where human fetal tissue

has been used in production

Some foods

Pepsi Beverages:

• All Pepsi soft drinks

• Sierra Mist soft drinks

• Mountain Dew soft drinks

• Mug root beer and other soft drinks

• No Fear beverages

• Ocean Spray beverages

• Seattle’s Best Coffee

• Tazo beverages

• AMP Energy beverages

• Aquafina water

• Aquafina flavored beverages

• DoubleShot energy beverages

• Frappuccino beverages

• Lipton tea and other beverages

• Propel beverages

• SoBe beverages

• Gatorade beverages

• Fiesta Miranda beverages

• Tropicana juices and beverages

Nestles Products:

• All coffee creamers

• Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchup, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles. 

Kraft – Cadbury Adams LLC Products:


• Black Jack chewing gum

• Bubbaloo bubble gum

• Bubblicious bubble gum

• Chiclets

• Clorets

• Dentyne

• Freshen Up Gum

• Sour Cherry Gum (Limited)

• Sour Apple Gum (Limited)

• Stride

• Trident

Cadbury Adams LLC Candies

• Sour Cherry Blasters

• Fruit Mania

• Bassett’s Liquorice - All sorts

• Maynards Wine Gum

• Swedish Fish

• Swedish Berries

• Juicy Squirts

• Original Gummies

• Fuzzy Peach

• Sour Chillers

• Sour Patch Kids

• Mini Fruit Gums

Other Cadbury Adams LLC Products

• Certs breath mints

• Halls Cough Drops

Campbells soup

Ritz crackers

Quaker Oats



Frito Lay products

Lays chips


Aunt Jemima



Taco Bell


Bio-Gel Prevedem Journee

Bio-Serum Lumiere

Bio-Restorative Skin Cream

Some Other Vaccines

MMR II (Merck)

ProQuad (MMR + Chickenpox – Merck)

Varivax (Chickenpox – Merck)

Pentacel (Polio + DTaP + HiB – Sanofi Pasteur)

Vaqta (Hepatitis-A – Merck)

Havrix (Hepatitis-A – Glaxo SmithKline)

Twinrix (Hepatitis-A and B combo – Glaxo)

Zostavax (Shingles – Merck)

Imovax (Rabies – Sanofi Pasteur)

Pulmozyme (Cystic Fibrosis – Genetech)

Enbrel (Rheumatoid Arthritis – Amgen)