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General Tips for Healthy Living

Generally healthy things to do under ideal circumstances. Not everyone is able to, or should, do all of these things. Check with your physician before starting any health related endeavor.

You must have a healthy environment to become and stay in balance.

Healthy home

Healthy work

Healthy associations

Healthy diet

Healthy thinking

Healthy relationship with God

Healthy surroundings in general

Trying to find balance without eliminating unbalancing influences is a losing battle

Avoid places with mold

Make sure you don't have mold in your home

      and work place

Eat only organic/non-gmo food (preferably

      made from scratch)

Avoid pork, shellfish, bottom feeding fish

Focus on vegetables, healthy proteins and

      fats, some complex carbs

Avoid all sweets and sweeteners in general

Avoid all vegetable oils (use butter, lard or real

      olive oil or coconut oil)

Drink only high quality water

No carbonated beverages, sugary drinks,

      artificial sweeteners, etc

Bless all food and drinks before consuming

Walk 4,500-7,500 steps per day if you can

Stretch daily

Don't be sexually promiscuous

Limit alcohol intake

Don't smoke or vape

Get enough regular sleep

Avoid unbalanced and unhealthy people and


Limit cell phone use

Don't use bluetooth

Avoid buildings with cell towers on the roof

Don't put anything on your skin that you can't

      eat (lotions, insect repellant, etc)

Avoid unhealthy air (new furniture, foam

      pillows and mattresses, etc off-gas toxic


Wash hands frequently and avoid touching

      your face

Avoid fluoride

Brush and floss after eating

Building your microbiome is important

      Foods with beneficial organisms (probiotic)

            Yogurt, kefir, kimchi, good probiotic


Healthy prebiotic diet high in fiber

Appropriate fasting

No processed foods or sugar

Only use antibiotics if necessary

Be clean but not too clean

Animal products must be from 100% grass-

      fed/grass-finished animals, pasture raised,

      organic, no hormones or antibiotics

Take constitutional homeopathic treatment

      from a very good homeopath

Stand barefoot in the grass for at least ten minutes twice a day

Make it your goal to become safely

      pharmaceutical free if possible

Learn what nutritional supplements may be

      beneficial for you


60% plant, 20% animal products (dairy, eggs, very little meat), 20% grain. Ovo-lacto vegetarian diet is best. Eat only whole foods and cook from scratch. (All non-GMO, organic, pasture raised, grass fed, ancient grains, etc).

Check with your physician before starting any health related endeavor.


Large bowl of organic non-GMO vegetables every day

      (broccoli, kale, bok choy, arugula, cabbage,

       brussel sprouts, etc)

Broccoli sprouts 2-3 times a week

Good quality proteins

      Grass fed/grass finished beef, organic

      pasture raised eggs, pasture raised chicken,

      lentils, pinto beans, chickpeas, etc

Good quality fats (animal and vegetable)

      No vegetable oils at all.

      Real olive oil or organic coconut oil is ok.

      (Most olive oil on the market is actually

      vegetable oil. The only brand of olive oil that

      is true olive oil is Lucini)


      Grass fed organic dairy, goat dairy and raw are better

Fermented foods daily (live and active

      cultures, organic/non-GMO)

      Yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, natto (preferably homemade)

Low(ish) carbohydrates

      No sugar at all

      Good quality complex carbs are ok

      (Potato, rice, corn, wheat, other grains) (preferably ancient or heirloom grains)

Herbs like turmeric, ginger, garlic, nettle, etc