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A Bit About Me

After eight years studying taoism and zen under world class teachers and becoming a Zen teacher myself, I then spent a career as a registered nurse and homeopath but, in my misguided ways, I fell into a life of sin and self-destruction.

In I Timothy 1:15, the apostle Paul said that "...Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the worst..." Well, I think that there was a time when I gave Paul a run for his money. I nearly destroyed myself, my health; spiritually, mentally and physically, and my life and caused pain to my family, friends and others. 

So, I understand the sufferings of mankind. I understand being lost, sick, dejected, hopeless and just plain tired. 

But God, in His grace, pulled me out of that hole that I had dug for myself and helped me to begin my journey of healing. Healing not just my soul, but my mind and body. By God's grace, I've been forgiven, reborn and redeemed.

I then went on to become an ordained Messianic Rabbi but still I had no clear path or calling. 

After years of praying that God may give me a calling and, having long had a desire to heal all of the broken hearts, minds and bodies of my fellow sufferers, it seems, to me, that perhaps God has, in His grace, answered that prayer and provided a means by which that might be possible. A means by which the sufferings of my fellow man (and woman) might be assuaged. 

All healing is from God but I believe that He does provide us with some wonderful tools. With such tools, along with a heart-felt calling, I believe that much good work can be done, by the grace of God. 

My greatest desire is only to be a healing tool of God's grace and mercy in the service of human suffering in the world.