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For All Services Offered

We are not physicians or licensed healthcare professionals thus we do not diagnose or treat illness or disease or recommend any treatments for such. We discuss and offer the use of classical homeopathy, spiritual cleansing, spiritual healing, intuitive inquiry, teaching and/or pastoral guidance/counseling as tools in the process of helping a person to find a state of internal balance. Any improvement in health, physical or mental, would simply be assumed to be a result of one's body and mind being more balanced. No claims are made relating to illness, disease, or the treatment of such. Any terms used that may resemble a diagnosis or treatment are merely used to describe what a person may be feeling in terms that are commonly understood. They are not intended to describe or identify a diagnosis or treatment of an illness or disease. The pastoral guidance/counseling and/or other services offered are not intended to be considered professional psychological or medical care or advice but rather spiritual guidance. By accepting any of the services provided, you agree that your physical and psychological needs are being met by appropriate licensed professionals and, by using our services, your intent is merely to supplement that care with our services and that your licensed healthcare providers are in agreement with these additions and that you will keep them apprised of any changes in your physical and/or mental healthcare needs. I understand that the services to be provided are for information purposes only. If I chose to act on that information, I do so of my own free will and take full responsibility for my own actions and the consequences there of.

Our Purpose

Our primary purpose is to spread the word of G-d to all those longing to hear. To all those broken hearts, minds and souls in this world. Only a genuine relationship with G-d, through the sacrifice of His Son the Messiah (Jeshua Ha Mashiach) and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh), can the brokenness of this world be healed. 

Spiritual Counseling

We provide intuitive spiritual counseling from a pastoral perspective and may combine that with other holistic approaches in order to help restore you to a healthy balance. 

Intuitive Inquiry

Intuitive inquiry helps us, and you, understand your needs better. Our skilled approach brings out the issues that are preventing you from being all that you should be, then, these issues are able to be addressed in order to restore you to a healthy balance.


Our classical approach has been refined over decades and provides, what we believe to be, the most comprehensive way of restoring body, mind and spirit balance to your life. 

Spiritual Cleansing

People tend to, unknowingly, pick up energies, attachments and negative influences as they go through life. It is important that these impediments are removed so that they no longer have negative impacts on your well-being. 


We are born with a natural understanding of how to live in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings, however, as we grow up and grow old, we are socialized to lose touch with that understanding. As part of our process, we help you to regain your natural understanding and, thus, re-find your natural ability to be balanced and healthy.

Public Speaking

We love to share our process, wether it be individually or in a group. If you have a group that would like to hear more about living your full potential, contact us to arrange a public speaking event. 

What people are saying

"How can you know so much about me? It's like you're looking into my soul. You've made me understand things about myself that no one else has ever seen or understood. It all makes so much sense now. Thank you."


"Thank you for the clarity you have given us. We feel like our marriage has just really begun after nine years"


"I feel so stupid for having never understood this about myself all these years. Now I can start healing and living life the way I should have been living for the last thirty years."


"I wish I had understood this years ago."