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Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a specialty of medicine that has been practiced since 1796. It was discovered by a physician that was dissatisfied with the, then current, medical practices. He believed that there was a better way to treat illness, prevent illness, and restore a person to good health. There are two types of practice; classical homeopathy and acute homeopathy. In classical homeopathy, we look at the person in their entirety and try to understand the imbalances that may be present in their body, mind, spirit and use those imbalances to paint a picture of the overall state of being. Each person's symptomology will point to their condition being one of many particular remedy states. By finding the state of the person's being at that particular moment, by giving them the remedy for that particular state, we are able to bring the person back into balance, thus improving their overall health. Many believe that a person may see, not only the elimination of long-standing health problems, but also may find that they are more resistant to future health problems. Some also believe that in acute illness, by giving the person their carefully selected remedy, their body is able to resolve the acute illness quickly. It is thought that illness, whether of the body or mind, is able to take root, or develop, only if there is a state of imbalance. If we are able to restore the body and mind to balance, then illness and disease may be unable to take root or develop. Acute homeopathy is the use of homeopathic remedies in a short-term acute situation. The person's specific remedy should be used in most cases but an acute remedy may be temporarily added as needed. For example, if a person sprains their ankle, a dose of Arnica may prevent swelling and pain. Acute remedies, however, are not intended to produce or restore health, they are, rather, intended for the short-term alleviation of a superficial symptom. One should return to the person's specific remedy as soon as possible.