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What To Expect

Your homeopath needs frequent updates about your energy level, are you feeling more tired or more energized or the same after starting your remedy. The homeopath also needs to know about any mental or emotional changes. Also any physical changes or changes in symptoms. It is very important to keep your homeopath up-to-date on any changes. Don't just assume that things are going like they should. Check-in with your homeopath frequently.

Your constitutional remedy, if the correct remedy has been chosen, should make your energy level and general sense of well-being improve overall day by day. You may notice that some things improve and some things get worse during the first few weeks. That is a good sign. If you take your remedy and you find that your energy level or sense of well-being is getting worse, contact your homeopath right away. If you are someone who has much suppressed emotion or repressed emotion, you can expect those emotions to come out in the first few weeks. Be careful not to do anything or make any decisions that will affect your life in a long-term or short-term way during this period of emotional upheaval. You may expect old illnesses to re-appear; old infections, fevers, skin problems, allergies, headaches, etc. That is just your body purging those old latent illnesses. It's a good sign.

The remedy works primarily from the inside out and from deep to superficial. That doesn't mean you wont feel superficial changes early on but in terms of the focus of the remedy's work, one can expect things to balance in this order; vital force level (sense of wellbeing, energy level, sense of balance), mental/emotional level (mood, sleep, cognitive processes), physiological level (hormones, bio-chemical processes), visceral level (organ function), superficial level (skin, hair and nails). This is the thinking of homeopathic theory.

A bit about finding the right remedy

Finding the right remedy can be like solving a mystery. It's a detective game. Your body has symptoms which are clues to its current state and to which remedy will resolve the current state. Your homeopath is like the detective searching for clues trying to solve the case. Sometimes the clues are easy to find and sometimes they're very difficult to find. Sometimes the clues make sense and sometimes they don't. In some homeopathic cases, as in detective cases, the clues are easy to find and they make sense and the culprit is found quickly. But in some homeopathic cases, it takes quite a bit of time and investigation and trying different clues until the detective/homeopath can finally put together the symptoms in a way that finds the culprit and solves the case.

Your homeopath may need to try more than one remedy, doses and/or dosing schedules. He/she may need to go back and ask more questions or look at the case differently in order to finally unravel the case. Once the case is solved and the best remedy found, improvement may be seen quickly and lead to a speedy resolution but sometimes it may take a while for the remedy to unravel the troubles and correct the imbalances. Sometimes there may even be a period of ups and downs as adjustments are made to try to find just the right remedy and just the right dose and dosing schedule at just the right time. It can sometimes get discouraging for the client and even the homeopath but don't lose hope. Homeopathy has a long history of amazing things. Think of it more as reprogramming your body's functioning rather than just treating a particular symptom or group of symptoms. It takes time to change the programming. Keep working with your homeopath and you may be surprised by the benefits This is a marathon not a sprint. Stick with it and communicate with your homeopath.

Call your homeopath with any questions or to give updates if something changes.